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A FAIRY'S BLUNDER                  365
by another; but she did not dream of disobeying the fairy, and spent the whole day wondering who the bridegroom could be.
At the appointed hour, a large crowd assembled at the fairy's palace, which was decorated with the sweetest flowers, known only to fairyland. Toupette had taken her place, but where was the bridegroom?
' Fetch Cornichon!' said the fairy to her chamber­lain.
But Toupette interposed: ' Oh, Madam, spare him, I entreat you, this bitter pain, and let him remain hidden and in peace.'
' It is necessary that he should be here,' answered the fairy, ' and he will not regret it.'
And, as she spoke, Cornichon was led in, smiling with the foolishness of extreme old age at the sight of the gay crowd.
' Bring him here,' commanded the fairy, waving her hand towards Toupette, who started back from surprise and horror.
Selnozoura then took the hand of the poor old man, and the genius came forward and touched him three times with his ring, when Cornichon was transformed into a handsome young man.
' May you live long,' the genius said, ' to enjoy hap­piness with your wife, and to love your father.'
And that was the end of the mischief wrought by the fairy Dindonette!
[Cabinet de? Fees."]
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