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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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As they left the w'ood behind Long turned to the prince and said, ' My lord, here conies my comrade. You should take him into your service too, as you will find him a great help.'
' Well, call him then, so that I can see what sort of a man he is.'
' He is a little too far off for that,' replied Long. ' He would hardly hear my voice, and he could n't be here for some time yet, as he has so much to carry. I think I had better go and bring him myself,' and this time he
stretched himself to such a height that his head was lost in the clouds. lie made two or three strides, took his friend on his back, and set him down before the prince. The new-comer was a very fat man, and as round as a barrel.
'Who are you?' asked the prince, 'and what can you do ?'
' Your worship, Broad is my name, and I can make myself as wride as I please'
' Let me see how you manage it.'
' Run, my lord, as fast as you can, and hide yourself
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