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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' We can travel back to Europe,' said the dream-boy with the fair hair. And with that they were there.
They came to a shore where it was all so cool and familiar and friendly. There stood the tall birch tree with its drooping leaves ; at the top sat the old crow, and at its foot crept the gardener's black cat. Not far away was a house which Little Lasse had seen before ; near the house there was a garden, and in the garden a pea bed with long pea shells. An old gardener with a green coat walked about and wondered if the cucumbers were ripe. Fylax was barking on the steps, and when he saw Little Lasse he wagged his tail. Old Stina was milking the cows in the farmyard, and there was a very familiar lady in a check woollen shawl on her way to the bleaching green to see if the clothes were bleached. There was, too, a well-known gentleman in a yellow summer coat, with a long pipe in his mouth ; he was going to see if the reapers had cut the rye. A boy and a girl were running on the shore and calling out, ' Little Lasse ! Come home for bread-and-butter !'
' Shall we land here ? ' asked the dream-boy, and he blinked his blue eyes roguishly.
' Come with me, and I shall ask mother to give you some bread-and-butter and a glass of milk,' said Little Lasse.
' Wait a little,' said the dream-boy. And now Little Lasse saw that the kitchen door was open, and from within there was heard a low, pleasant frizzling, like that which is heard when one whisks yellow batter with a wooden ladle into a hot frying-pan.
' Perhaps we should sail back to Polynesia now ? ' said the happy dream-boy.
' No ; they are frying pancakes in Europe just now,' said Little Lasse ; and he wanted to jump ashore, but he could not. The dream-boy had tied him with a chain of flowers, so that he could not move. And now all the little dreams came about him, thousands and
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