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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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allowed to choose their own books. Let their friends give them the money and turn them loose in the book shops ! They know their own tastes, and if the children are born bookish, while their dear parents are the reverse, (and this does occur!), then the children make the better choice. They are unaffected in their selections; some want Shakespeares of their own, and some prefer a volume entitled Buster Brown. A few—alas, how few !— are fond of poetry; a still smaller number are fond of history. ' We know that there are no fairies, but history stories are true !' say these little innocents. I am not so sure that there are no fairies, and I am only too well aware that the best • history stories' are not true.
What children do love is ghost stories. ' Tell us a ghost story! ' they cry, and I am able to meet the demand, with which I am in sincere sympathy. Only strong control prevents me from telling the last true ghost story which I heard yesterday. It would suit children excellently well. ' The Grey Ghost Story Book ' would be a favourite. At a very early age I read a number of advertisements of books, and wept because I could not buy dozens of them, and somebody gave me a book on Botany ! It looked all right, nicely bound in green cloth, but within it was full of all manner of tediousness.
In our Fairy Cabinet, which cannot extend to sixty volumes, we have aimed at pleasing children, not ' grown­ups,' at whom the old French writers directed their romances, but have hunted for fairy tales in all quarters, not in Europe alone. In this volume we open, thanks to Dr. Ignaz Kiinos, with a story from the Turks. ' Little King Loc ' is an original invention by M. Anatole France, which he very kindly permitted Mrs. Lang to adapt from L'Abeille.
Major Campbell, as previously, tells tales which he
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