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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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{Engraved and printed by Messrs. Andre" & Sleigh, Ltd., Bushcy)
The Blue Parrot (p. 9)
' Stay here, and you shall be "king ' .
The Princess and the Wolves in the Forest
The Boy in the Valley ....
The Ascent of the Crystal Tower
' Queen of Snakes, give me back my husband !
The Sea-maiden tvith a wicked Face
The Princess chooses.....
Frontispiece to face p. 60
90 206 222 254 284 290
Ismenor brings Lino to Biquette The Magician's Wife ivhistles to the Parrot The Dragon Discomfited .... 1 Will you lend me your ox, fair maiden ? ' Abeille finds herself among the Little Men King Loc carries Abeille away from her
The Bunniatis Story .... ' Quick 1 prince I quick ! the time is flying
comb me at once ' . Samba found skulking by his Wife
to face p.
12 22
28 38 46
56 66
94 110
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