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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' Come where ?' asked Abeille, opening her eyes very wide.
' To the lake, of course,' answered the boy.
Abeille was silent. It was one thing to pretend you meant to be disobedient some day, a long time off, and quite another to start for such a distant place without anyone knowing that you had left the garden. ' And in satin shoes, too! How stupid boys were, to be sure!'
' Stupid or not, I am going to the lake, and you are going with me !' said Youri, who had not forgotten or forgiven the look she had cast on him the day before. ' Unless,' added he, ' you are afraid, and in that case I shall go alone.'
This was too much for Abeille. Bursting into tears, she flung herself on Youri's neck, and declared that wherever he went she would go too. So, peace having been made between them, they set out.
It was a hot day, and the townspeople were in­doors waiting till the sun was low in the sky before they set out either to work or play, so the children passed through the streets unperceived, and crossed the river by the bridge into the flowery meadows along the road by which they had ridden with the duchess. By-and-by Abeille began to feel thirsty, but the sun had drunk up all the water, and not a drop was left for her. They walked on a little further, and by good luck found a cherry-tree covered with ripe fruit, and after a rest and a refreshing meal, they were sure that they were strong enough to reach the lake in a few minutes. But soon Abeille began to limp and to say that her foot hurt her, and Youri had to untie the ribbons that fastened her shoe and see what was the matter. A stone had got in, so this was easily set right, and for a while they skipped along the path singing and chattering, till Abeille stopped again. This time her shoe had come off, and turning to pick it up she caught sight of the towers of the castle,
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