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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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fate. For King Loc had already thought what a good wife she would make in a few years' time, and he did not want Youri to come between them. So he was silent, and Abeille, seeing he was not pleased, burst into tears.
' Little King Loc,' she cried, taking hold of a corner of his mantle, ' think how unhappy my mother will be. She will fancy that wild beasts have eaten me, or that I have got drowned in the lake.'
' Be comforted,' replied King Loc; ' I will send her a dream, so that she shall know that you are safe.'
At this Abeille's sad face brightened. ' Little King Loc,' she said, smiling, ' how clever you are! But you must send her a dream every night, so that she shall see me—and me a dream, so that I may see her.'
And this King Loc promised to do.
When Abeille grew accustomed to do without her mother and Youri, she made herself happy enough in her new home. Everyone was kind to her, and petted her, and then there were such quantities of new things for her to see. The gnomes were always busy, and knew how to fashion beautiful toys as well or better than the people who lived on the earth; and now and then, wandering with Tad or Dig in the underground passages, Abeille would catch a glimpse of blue sky through a rent in the rocks, and this she loved best of all. In this manner six years passed away.
' His Highness King Loc wishes to see you in his presence chamber,' said Tad, one morning, to Abeille, who was singing to herself on a golden lute ; and Abeille, wondering why the king had grown so formal all of a sudden, got up obediently. Directly she appeared, King Loc opened a door in the wall which led into his treasure chamber. Abeille had never been there before, and was amazed at the splendid things heaped up before her. Gold, jewels, brocades, carpets, lay round the walls, and she walked about examining one glittering object after another, while King Loc mounted a throne of gold and
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