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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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In the great country far away south, through which flows the river Nile, there lived a king who had an only child called Samba.
Now, from the time that Samba could walk he showed signs of being afraid of everything, and as he grew bigger he became more and more frightened. At first his father's friends made light of it, and said to each other:
' It is strange to see a boy of our race running into a hut at the trumpeting of an elephant, and trembling with fear if a lion cub half his size comes near him; but, after all, he is only a baby, and when he is older he will be as brave as the rest.'
' Yes, he is only a baby,' answered the king who overheard them, 'it will be all right by-and-by.' But, somehow, he sighed as he said it, and the men looked at him and made no reply.
The years passed away, and Samba had become a tall and strong youth. He was good-natured and pleasant, and was liked by all, and if during his father's hunting parties he was seldom to be seen in any place of danger, he was too great a favourite for much to be said.
' When the king holds the feast and declares him to be his heir, he will cease to be a child,' murmured the rest of the people, as they had done before ; and on the day of the ceremony their hearts beat gladly, and they cried to each other :
' It is Samba, Samba, whose chin is above the heads
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