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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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Once there was a king who had two daughters ; and their names were Kupti and Imani. He loved them both very much, and spent hours in talking to them, and one day he said to Kupti, the elder :
' Are you satisfied to leave your life and fortune in my hands? '
' Verily yes,' answered the princess, surprised at the question. ' In whose hands should I leave them, if not in yours ?'
But when he asked his younger daughter Imani the same question, she replied :
' No, indeed! If I had the chance I would make my own fortune.'
At this answer the king was very displeased, and said:
' You are too young to know the meaning of your words. But, be it so ; I will give you the chance of gratifying your wish.'
Then he sent for an old lame fakir who lived in a tumbledown hut on the outskirts of the city, and when he had presented himself, the king said :
' No doubt as you are very old and nearly crippled, you would be glad of some young person to live with you and serve you ; so I will send you my younger daughter. She wants to earn her living, and she can do so with you.'
Of course the old fakir had not a word to say, or, if he had, he was really too astonished and troubled to say
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