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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' Here is a casket. It has no lock nor key, and yet will open only to the touch of the person who needs its contents—and whoever opens it will obtain patience; but I can't tell whether it will be quite the kind of patience that is wanted.' And the servant bowed low, and took the casket; but when he asked what was to be paid, the king would take nothing. So he went away and gave the casket and an account of his adventures to his master.
As soon as their father got back to his country Kupti and Imani each got the presents he had brought for them. Imani was very surprised when the casket was brought to her by the hand of a messenger.
' But,' she said, ' what is this ? I never asked for any­thing ! Indeed I had no time, for the messenger ran away before I had unravelled my tangle.'
But the servant declared that the casket was for her, so she took it with some curiosity, and brought it to the old fakir. The old man tried to open it, but in vain—so closely did the lid fit that it seemed to be quite immovable, and yet there was no lock, nor bolt, nor spring, nor anything apparently by which the casket was kept shut. When he was tired of trying he handed the casket to the princess, who hardly touched it before it opened quite easily, and there lay within a beautiful fan. With a cry of surprise and pleasure Imani took out the fan, and began to fan herself.
Hardly had she finished three strokes of the fan before there suddenly appeared from nowhere in parti­cular, king Subbar Khan of Dux! The princess gasped and rubbed her eyes, and the old fakir sat and gazed in such astonishment that for some minutes he could not speak. At length he said :
' Who may you be, fair sir, if you please ?'
' My name,' said the king, ' is Subbar Khan of Dur. This lady,' bowing to the princess, ' has summoned me, and here I am !'
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