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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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all she crept out into the field among the stubble, to watch the sun set before she bade it good-bye for ever.
' Farewell, farewell,' she said, ' and farewell to my little swallow. Ah! if he only knew, he would come to help me.'
' Twit! twit,' cried a voice just above her; and the swallow fluttered to the ground beside her. ' You look
sad; are you really going to let that ugly mole marry you?'
' I shall soon die, that is one comfort,' she answered weeping. But the swallow only said:
' Tut! tut! get on my back, as I told you before, and I will take you to a land where the sun always shines, and you will soon forget that such a creature as a mole ever existed.'
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