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DIAMOND GUT DIAMOND                149
Well, there is nothing to be done for the present, but just to stay here quietly, and I think that at the end of a short time I shall find a medicine which will heal your sickness.' At this the merchant again took courage, and a little ease crept into his heart as he gratefully accepted his new friend's invitation.
A few days later Kooshy Earn sent for some friends to see him, and talked with them long, and, although the merchant did not hear the conversation, he did hear shouts of laughter as though at some good joke; but the laughter echoed dully in his own heart, for the more he considered the more he despaired of ever recovering his fortune from the grasp of Beeka Mull.
One day, soon after this, Kooshy Earn came to him and said:
' You remember the wall where I found you that night, near Beeka Mull's shop ? '
' Yes, indeed I do,' answered the merchant.
' Well,' continued Kooshy Earn, ' this afternoon you must go and stand in that same spot and watch ; and when someone gives you a signal, you must go up to Beeka Mull and salute him and say, " Oh, Lala-ji, will you kindly let me have back that box of mine which you have on trust? " '
' What's the use of that ? ' asked the merchant. ' He won't do it any more now than he would when I asked him before.'
' Never mind !' replied Kooshy Earn, ' do exactly what I tell you, and repeat exactly what I say, word for word, and I will answer for the rest.'
So, that afternoon, the merchant at a certain time went and stood by the wall as he was told. He noticed that Beeka Mull saw him, but neither took any heed of the other. Presently up the bazaar came a gorgeous palanquin like those in which ladies of rank are carried about. It was borne by four bearers well dressed in rich liveries, and its curtains and trappings were truly magni-
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