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166                   THE GREEN KNIGHT
' Choose, then, whatever you wish as a reward,' said the knight, ' and you shall have it.'
' I would be your bride ! ' said the princess.
The knight frowned in surprise at such boldness, and shook his head.
' That is the one thing I cannot grant,' he said, ' for I am pledged to marry the most beautiful princess in the world. Choose again.'
Then the princess ran away and washed herself and mended her rags, and when she returned the Green Knight recognised her at once.
You can think what a joyful meeting that was!
Soon after, they were married with great splendour. All the knights and princes in the kingdom were sum­moned to the wedding, and the princess wore a dress, that shone like the sun, so that no one had ever beheld a more gorgeous sight. The princess's father, of course, was present, but the wicked queen and her daughter were driven out of the country, and as nobody has seen them since, very likely they were eaten by wild beasts in the forest. But the bride and bridegroom were so happy that they forgot all about them, and they lived with the old king till he died, when they succeeded him.
[From " Eventyr fra Jylland," samlccle ng ontegnede af Evald Tans Kristensen. Translated from the Danish by Mrs. Skovgaard-Pedersen.J
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