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and remember five parting counsels which I will give you ; and if you keep these no evil shall befall you. First—always obey without question the orders of him whose service you enter; second—never speak harshly or unkindly to anyone ; third—never lie ; fourth—never try to appear the equal of those above you in station ; and fifth—wherever you go, if you meet those who read or teach from the holy books, stay and listen, if but for a few minutes, that you may be strengthened in the path of duty.'
Then Earn Singh started out upon his journey, promis­ing to bear in mind the old man's words.
After some days he came to a great city. He had spent all the money which he had at starting, and there­fore resolved to look for work however humble it might be. Catching sight of a prosperous-looking merchant standing in front of a shop full of grain of all kinds, Earn Singh wyent up to him and asked whether he could give him anything to do. The merchant gazed at him so long that the young man began to lose heart, but at length he answered:
' Yes, of course; there is a place waiting for you.'
' What do you mean ?' asked Earn Singh.
' Why,' replied the other, ' yesterday our rajah's chief wazir dismissed his body servant and is wanting another. Now you are just the sort of person that he needs, for you are young and tall, and handsome ; I advise you to apply there.'
Thanking the merchant for this advice, the young man set out at once for the wazir's house, and soon managed, thanks to his good looks and appearance, to be engaged as the great man's servant.
One day, soon after this, the rajah of the place started on a journey and the chief wazir accompanied him. With them was an army of servants and attendants, soldiers, muleteers, camel-drivers, merchants with grain and stores for man and beast, singers to make entertain-
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