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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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240                 GRASP ALL, LOSE ALL
wealthy that they will probably make me a wazir at least!'
' For four stones I received ten villages,' Musli was silently thinking; ' now I will get stones enough to purchase a kingdom, become a rajah, and employ wazirs of my own !'
And Kahre thought: ' What is the good of only getting eight stones? Why, here are enough to make twenty necklaces; and wealth means power !'
Full of avarice and desire, each scrambled down from the tree, spread his cloth, and darted hither and thither picking up the precious jewels, looking the while over his shoulder to see whether his neighbour fared better than he. So engrossed were they in the business of gathering wealth that the dawn came upon them unawares; and
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