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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' And what is the third question ? '
' I shall ask where the food and drink they consume every day come from. I steal it from the king's table ; but they don't know that.'
The day after, the troll entered.
' Now I shall ask my questions,' said he. ' To begin with : How long have you been here ?'
The young men had been so busy drinking and making merry that they had forgotten all about the agreement, so they remained silent.
' One week,' said one, at last.
' Two months,' guessed another. But the prince answered, ' One year.'
' Eight,' replied the troll. But the second question was more difficult.
' What is it that shines on the roof ?'
The young men guessed and guessed. ' The sun—the moon.' But none of them really knew.
' May I answer? ' asked the prince.
' Yes, certainly,' replied the troll; and the prince spoke.
' The lamp that you stole from the princess whilst she was asleep in the garden.' And again the troll nodded.
The third question was harder still.
' Where does the meat and drink you have had here come from ?'
None of the young men could guess.
' May I say ? ' asked the prince.
' Yes, if you can,' replied the troll.
' It comes from the king's table,' said the prince.
And that was all. Now they might take the sacks of gold and go, and the young men went off in such a hurry that the prince was left behind. Presently, they met an old man who asked for money.
'No, we haven't any,' they answered.
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