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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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Once upon a time there reigned a king who had an only daughter. The girl had been spoiled by everybody from her birth, and, besides being beautiful, was clever and wilful, and when she grew old enough to be married she refused to have anything to say to the prince whom her father favoured, but declared she would choose a husband for herself. By long experience the king knew that when once she had made up her mind, there was no use expecting her to change it, so he inquired meekly what she wished him to do.
' Summon all the young men in the kingdom to appear before me a month from to-day,' answered the princess; ' and the one to whom I shall give this golden apple shall be my husband.'
' But, my dear------' began the king, in tones of dismay.
' The one to whom I shall give this golden apple shall be my husband,' repeated the princess, in a louder voice than before. And the king understood the signal, and with a sigh proceeded to do her bidding.
The young men arrived—tall and short, dark and fairr rich and poor. They stood in rows in the great court­yard in front of the palace, and the princess, clad in robes of green, with a golden veil flowing behind her, passed before them all, holding the apple. Once or twice she stopped and hesitated, but in the end she always passed on, till she came to a youth near the end of the last row. There was nothing specially remarkable about him, the ol.                                                                          u
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