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300                 HE WINS WHO WAITS
he twisted his hands in pain, ' I am general-in-chief, you are the king's daughter, and we have the most splendid palace in the whole world, yet my father lives we know not where, and for all we can guess, may be poor and miserable. To-morrow I will ask the king to give me soldiers, and I will seek him over the whole earth till I find him.'
Then the man came down from the tree, and clasped his wife and son in his arms. All that night they talked, and when the sun rose it still found them talking. But as soon as it was proper, he went up to the palace to pay his homage to the king, and to inform him of all that had happened and who they all really were. The king was overjoyed to think that his daughter, whom he had long since forgiven and sorely missed, was living at his gates, and was, besides, the mother of the youth who was so dear to him. ' It was written beforehand,' cried the monarch. ' You are my son-in-law before the world, and shall be king after me.'
And the man bowed his head.
He had waited ; and he had won.
[From Contes Armeniens.
Par Frederic Macler.]
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