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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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under the protection of a fairy. ' On your own faith and prudence depend your happiness,' ended the writer. ' It is I who have all these years eaten the food you placed under the rose-tree, and some day I shall reward you for it. " Everything comes to him wiio knows how to wait," is the advice given by,—The Fairy of the Fields.'
Then the queen rose up, and bathed her face, and combed her shining hair; and as she turned away from her mirror she beheld a linnet sitting on her bed. No one would have known that it was anything but a common linnet, and yesterday the queen would have thought so too. But this morning so many wonderful things had happened that she did not doubt for a moment that the writer of the letter was before her.
' Pretty linnet,' said she, ' I will try to do all you wish. Only give me, I pray you, now and then, news of my little Cadichon.'
And the linnet flapped her wings and sang, and flew away. So the queen knew that she had guessed rightly, and thanked her in her heart.
By-and-by the king and his seneschal returned, hungry and tired with their fruitless search. They were amazed and rather angry to find the queen, whom they had left wreeping, quite cheerful. Could she really care for her children so little and have forgotten them so soon ? What could have caused this sudden change ? But to all their questions Gillette would only answer: ' Everything comes to him who knows how to wait.'
' That is true,' replied her father ; ' and, after all, your majesty must remember that the revenues of your kingdom would hardly bear the cost of seven princes and princesses brought up according to their rank. Be grateful, then, to those who have relieved you of the burden.'
' You are right! You are always right!' cried the king, whose face once more beamed with smiles. And
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