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THE HOUSE IN THE WOOD                   19
' Just walk in,' cried the voice, and when she opened the door there sat an old grey-haired man at the table. His face was resting on his hands, and his white beard flowed over the table almost down to the ground.
By the stove lay three beasts, a hen, a cock, and a brindled cow. The girl told the old man her story, and asked for a night's lodging.
The man said:
Pretty cock,
Pretty hen,
And yon, pretty brindled cow,
What do you say now ?
' Duks,' answered the beasts; and that must have meant, 'We are quite willing,' for the old man went on, ' Here is abundance; go into the back kitchen and cook us a supper.'
The girl found plenty of everything in the kitchen, and cooked a good meal, but she did not think of the beasts.
She placed the full dishes on the table, sat down opposite the grey-haired man, and ate till her hunger was appeased.
When she was satisfied, she said, ' But now I am so tired, where is a bed in which I can sleep?'
The beasts answered:
You have eaten with him, You have drunk with him, Of us you have not thought, Sleep then as you ought!
Then the old man said, ' Go upstairs, and there you will find a bedroom; shake the bed, and put clean sheets on, and go to sleep.'
The maiden went upstairs, and when she had made the bed, she lay down.
After some time the grey-haired man came, looked at her by the light of his candle, and shook his head. And
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