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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' How astonishingly cold it is ! My body is cracking all over !' said the Snow-man. ' The wind is really cutting one's very life out! And how that fiery thing up there glares! ' He meant the sun, which was just setting. ' It sha'n't make me blink, though, and I shall keep quite cool and collected.'
Instead of eyes he had two large three-cornered pieces of slate in his head; his mouth consisted of an old rake, so that he had teeth as well.
He was born amidst the shouts and laughter of the boys, and greeted by the jingling bells and cracking whips of the sledges.
The sun went down, the full moon rose, large, round, clear and beautiful, in the dark blue sky.
' There it is again on the other side!' said the Snow­man, by which he meant the sun was appearing again. ' I have become quite accustomed to its glaring. I hope it will hang there and shine, so that I may be able to see myself. I wish I knew, though, how one ought to set about changing one's position. I should very much like to move about. If I only could, I would glide up and down the ice there, as I saw the boys doing; but some­how or other, I don't know how to run.'
'Bow-wow!' barked the old yard-dog; he was rather hoarse and could n't bark very well. His hoarseness
Translated from the German of Hans Christian Andersen.
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