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' How something is cracking inside me! ' he said. ' Shall I never be able to get in there ? It is certainly a very innocent wish, and our innocent wishes ought to be fulfilled. I must get there, and lean against the stove, if 1 have to break the window first! '
' You will never get inside there ! ' said the yard-dog; ' and if you were to reach the stove you would disappear. Bow-wow! '
' I 'm as good as gone already!' answered the Snow­man. ' I believe I 'm breaking up ! '
The whole day the Snow-man looked through the window ; towards dusk the room grew still more inviting; the stove gave out a mild light, not at all like the moon or even the sun ; no, as only a stove can shine, when it has something to feed upon. When the door of the room was open, it llared up — this was one of its peculiarities; it flickered quite red upon the SnowT-man's white face.
' I can't stand it any longer! ' he said. ' How beauti­ful it looks with its tongue stretched out like that! '
It was a long night but the Snow-man did not find it so; there he stood, wrapt in his pleasant thoughts, and they froze, so that he cracked.
Next morning the panes of the kitchen window were covered with ice, and the most beautiful ice-flowers that even a snow-man could desire, only they blotted out the stove. The window would not open; he could n't see the stove which he thought was such a lovely lady. There was a cracking and cracking inside him and all around; there was just such a frost as a snow-man would delight in. But this Snow-man was different: how could he feel happy?
' Yours is a bad illness for a Snow-man! ' said the yard-dog. ' I also suffered from it, but I have got over it. Bow-wow!' he barked. 'The weather is going to change!' he added.
The weather did change. There came a thaw.
When this set in the Snow-man set off. He did not
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