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even! Why do they keep their branches? Where are they taken to? '
'We know! we know!' twittered the sparrows. 1 Down there in the city we have peeped in at the windows, we know where they go! They attain to the greatesl splendour and magnificence you can imagine! We have looked in at the windows and seen them planted in the middle of the warm room and adorned with the most beautiful things — golden apples, sweet­meats, toys and hundreds of candles.'
'And then?' asked the fir-tree, trembling in every limb with eagerness, 'and then? what happens then?'
' Oh, we have n't seen anything more than that. That was simply matchless !'
'Am I too destined to the same brilliant career?' wondered the fir-tree excitedly. 'That is even better than sailing over the sea! I am sick with longing. If it were only Christmas ! Now I am tall and grown-up like those which were taken away last year. Ah, if I were only in the cart! If I were only in the warm room with all the splendour and magnificence! And then? Then comes something better, something still more beautiful, else why should they dress us up? There must be something greater, something grander to come — but what? Oh! I am pining away! I really don't knew what's the matter with me! '
' Rejoice in us,' said the air and sunshine, ' rejoice in your fresh youth in the free air! '
Bui it look no notice, and just grew and grew; there it stood fresh and green in winter and in summer, and all who saw it said, 'What a beautiful tree!' And at Christmas-time it was the first to be cut down. The axe went deep into the pith; the tree fell to the ground with a groan : it felt bruised and faint. It could not think of happiness, it was sad at leaving its home, the spot where it had sprung up; it knew, too, that it would never see again its dear old companions, or the little shrubs and
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