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the story of Henny Penny also, but they only got Humpty Dumpty. The fir-tree stood quite astonished and thought­ful : the birds in the wood had never related anything like that. ' Humpty Dumpty fell downstairs and yet married a princess! yes, that is the way of the world!' thought the tree, and was sure it must be true, because such a nice man had told the story. ' Well, who knows? Per­haps I shall fall downstairs and marry a princess.' And it rejoiced to think that next day it would be decked out again with candles, toys, glittering ornaments, and fruits. ' To-morrow I shall quiver again with excitement. I shall enjoy to the full all my splendour. To-morrow I shall hear Humpty Dumpty again, and perhaps Henny Penny too.' And the tl'ee stood silent and lost in thought all through the night.
Next morning the servants came in. ' Now the dress­ing up will begin again,' thought the tree. But they dragged it out of the room, and up the stairs to the lumber-room, and put it in a dark corner, where no ray of light could penetrate. ' What does this mean ? ' thought the tree. ' What am I to do here? What is there for me to hear? ' And it leant against the wall, and thought and thought. And there was time enough for that, for days and nights went by, and no one came; at last when some one did come, it was only to put some great boxes into the corner. now the tree was quite covered; it seemed as if it had been quite forgotten.
' Now it is winter out-doors,' thought the fir-tree. w The ground is hard and covered with snow, they can't plant me yet, and that is why I am staying here under cover till the spring comes. How thoughtful they are! Only I wish it were not so terribly dark and lonely here; not even a little hare! It was so nice out in the wood, when the snow lay all around, and the hare leapt past me; yes, even when he leapt over me : but I didn't like it then. It's so dreadfully lonely up here.'
' Squeak, squeak! ' said a little mouse, stealing out,
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