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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' There 's no need of that,' said he ; 'we can get it an easier way.' With that he drove a spike into a beam, and ran his head against it, and in consequence had to lie in bed for a long time afterwards.
After he had recovered from this his wife asked him one day to go and buy candles, as they had none.
'No,' he said, 'there's no need for that;' and he stuck his hand into the fire. This also made him take to bed for a good while.
When he had got better again his wife one day wanted fish, and asked him to go and buy some. The man, however, wished again to show what he had learned, so he asked her to come along with him and bring her dough trough and a ladle. They both seated themselves in this, and rowed upon the lake. When they had got out a little way the man said, ' Are my eyes green ? '
' No,' said his wife; ' why should they be? '
They rowed a little further out, and he asked again, ' Are my eyes not green yet? '
' What nonsense is this ? ' said she; ' why should they be green?'
'Oh, my dear,' said he, 'can't you just say that they are green ?'
'Very wrell,' said she, ' they are green.'
As soon as he heard this he sprang out into the water with the ladle for the fishes, but he just got leave to stay there with them!
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