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dead. There you must lie till I play on my guitar; then get up and begin to dance.'
The wife made haste to do as she was bid, and there was no time to lose, for the robbers were drawing very near the house. They entered with a great noise, and overwhelmed the shoemaker with reproaches for having deceived them about the donkey.
' The poor beast must have lost its power owing to the change of masters,' said he; ; but we will not quarrel about it. You shall have back the fifty gold pieces that you gave for him. Aite,' he cried to his wife, ' go quickly to the chest upstairs, and bring down the money for these gentlemen.'
' Wait a little,' answered she; 'I must first bake this fish. It will be spoilt if I leave it now.'
' Go this instant, as you are bid,' shouted the shoe­maker, stamping as if he was in a great passion, but, as she did not stir, he drew his knife, and stabbed her in the neck. The blood spurted out freely, and she fell to the ground as if she was dead.
' What have you done?' asked the robbers, looking at him in dismay. 'The poor woman was doing nothing.'
' Perhaps I was hasty, but it is easily set right,' replied the shoemaker, taking down his guitar and beginning to play. Hardly had he struck the first notes than his wife sat up; then got on her feet and danced.
The robbers stared with open mouths, and at last they said, ' Master Joseph, you may keep the fifty gold pieces. But tell us what you will take for your guitar, for you must sell it to us ?'
' Oh, that is impossible ! ' replied the shoemaker, ' for every time I have a quarrel with my wife I just strike her dead, and so give vent to mv an^er. This has become such a habit with me that I don't think I could break myself of it; and, of course, if I got rid of the guitar I could never bring her back to life again.'
However, the robbers would not listen to him, and
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