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THE CUNNING SHOEMAKER               161
When the robbers were rested they came out of the church, took up the sack, and carried it to the sea, where they threw it in, and it sank directly. As they came back they met the shoemaker, and stared at him with open mouths.
' Oh, if you only knew how many pigs live in the sea,' he cried. ' And the deeper you go the more there are. I have just brought up these, and mean to return for some more.'
' There are still some left there ?'
' Oh, more than I could count,' replied the shoemaker. ' I will show you what you must do.' Then he led the robbers back to the shore. ' Now,' said he, ' you must each of you tie a stone to your necks, so that you may be sure to go deep enough, for I found the pigs that you sawr very deep down indeed.'
Then the robbers all tied stones round their necks, and jumped in, and were drowned, and Master Joseph drove his pigs home, and was a rich man to the end of his days.
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