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so young and beautiful ? I should like to be young and beautiful too.'
This question she repeated the whole day long, till at length the queen lost patience and said: ' I had my old head cut off, and this new head grew in its place.'
Then the old woman went to a barber, and spoke to him, saying, ' I will give you all you ask if you will only cut off my head, so that I may become young and lovely.'
' But, my good woman, if I do that you will die !'
But the old woman would listen to nothing; and at last the barber took out his knife and struck the first blow at her neck.
' Ah !' she shrieked as she felt the pain.
' II faut souffrir pour etre belle,' said the barber, who had been in France.
And at the second blow her head rolled off, and the old woman was dead for good and all.
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