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of bread on her arm. She was happier than she had been, but sometimes, when no one saw her, she would weep as she thought over her old life, and how different it was to the one she was now leading. One day her lady saw her, and said, ' Catherine, what is it? Why are you always weep­ing? ' And then Catherine told her story.
' I have got an idea,' exclaimed the lady. ' To-morrow, when you take the bread to the mountain, you shall pray my Destiny to speak to yours, and entreat her to leave you in peace. Perhaps something may come of it! '
At these words Catherine dried her eyes, and next morning, when she climbed the mountain, she told all she had suffered, and cried, * O Destiny, my mistress, pray, I entreat you, of my Destiny that she may leave me in peace.'
And Destiny answered, ' Oh, my poor girl, know you not your Destiny lies buried under seven coverlids, and can hear nothing? But if you will come to-morrow I will bring her with me.'
And after Catherine had gone her way, her lady's Destiny went to find her sister, and said to her, ' Dear sister, has not Catherine suffered enough ? It is surely time for her good days to begin? '
And the sister answered, 'To-morrow you shall bring her to me, and I will give her something that may help her out of her need.'
The next morning Catherine set out earlier than usual for the mountain, and her lady's Destiny took the girl by the hand and led her to her sister, who lay under the seven coverlids. And her Destiny held out to Catherine a ball of silk, saying, ' Keep this — it may be useful some day;' then pulled the coverings over her head again.
But Catherine walked sadly down the hill, and went straight to her lady and showed her the silken ball, which was the end of all her high hopes.
'What shall I do with it?' she asked. 'It is not worth sixpence, and it is no good to me!'
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