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' That is not true,' said the king, ' and if you do not tell me the truth I will have your head cut off this instant.'
So Catherine told him the whole story, and how she had once been as rich as he.
Now there lived at the court a wise woman, and she said to Catherine, ' You have suffered much, my poor girl, but at length your luck has turned, and I know by
the weighing of the scales through the crown that you will die a queen.'
'So she shall,' cried the king, who overheard these words ; ' she shall die my queen, for she is more beautiful than all the ladies of the court, and I will marry no one else.'
And so it fell out. The king sent back the bride he had promised to wed to her own country, and the same Catherine was queen at the marriage feast instead, and lived happy and contented to the end of her life.
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