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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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wardrobes, chests of gold and silver till there was nothing left to pile. At last he took the king's crown, and put it on the top. He carried his burden to the ship and stowed his treasures away, and the youth followed, leading the king's daughter. But the king was left, raging in his empty palace, and he called together his army, and got ready his ships of war, in order that he
might go after the vessel and bring back what had been taken away.
And the king's ships sailed very fast, and soon caught up the little vessel, and the sailors all shouted for joy. Then the hermit looked out and saw how near they were, and he said to the youth, ' Do you see that?'
The youth shrieked and cried, ' Ah, good father, it is a fleet of ships, and they are chasing us, and in a few moments they will be upon us.'
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