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his house for so many days. And he added that he was a prince enchanted by a powerful giant, but was only allowed to take his own shape at night, for all day he was forced to appear as the lion whom she had so often helped ; and, more than this, it was the giant who had stolen the oxen and the asses and the pigs in revenge for her kindness.
And the girl asked him, ' What can I do to disenchant you ?'
But he said he was afraid it was very difficult, because the only way was to get a lock of hair from the head of a king's daughter, to spin it, and to make from it a cloak for the giant, who lived up on the top of a high mountain.
' Very well,' answered the girl, ' I will go to the city, and knock at the door of the king's palace, and ask the princess to take me as a servant.'
So they parted, and when she arrived at the city she walked about the streets crying, ' Who will hire me for a servant? Who will hire me for a servant? ' But, though many people liked her looks, for she was clean and neat, the maiden would listen to none, and still continued crying, ' Who will hire me for a servant? Who will hire me for a servant ?'
At last there came the waiting-maid of the princess.
' What can you do ? ' she said; and the girl was forced to confess that she could do very little.
' Then you will have to do scullion's work, and wash up dishes,'said she; and they went straight back to tne palace.
Then the maiden dressed her hair afresh, and made herself look very neat and smart, and everyone admired and praised her, till by-and-bye it came to the ears of the princess. And she sent for the girl, and when she saw her, and how beautifully she had dressed her hair, the princess told her she was to come and comb out hers.
Now the hair of the princess was very thick and long, and shone like the sun. And the girl combed it and
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