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There was once a man who had a son who was very clever at reading, and took great delight in it. He went out into the world to seek service somewhere, and as he was walking between some mounds he met a man, who asked him where he was going.
' I am going about seeking for service,' said the boy.
' Will you serve me?' asked the man.
' Oh, yes; just as readily you as anyone else,' said the boy.
k But can you read? ' asked the man.
' As well as the priest,' said the boy.
' Then I can't have you,' said the man. ' In fact, I was just wanting a boy who could n't read. His only work would be to dust my old books.'
The man then went on his way, and left the boy look­ing after him.
'It was a pity I didn't get that place,' thought he. ' That was just the very thing for me.'
Making up his mind to get the situation if possible, he hid himself behind one of the mounds, and turned his jacket outside in, so that the man would not know him again so easily. Then he ran along behind the mounds, and met the man at the other end of them.
' Where are you going, my little boy ?' said the man, who did not notice that it was the same one he had met before.
1 From the Danish.
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