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MASTER AND PUPIL                       221
' I am going about seeking for service ?' said the boy.
' Will you serve me ?' asked the man.
'Oh, yes; just as readily you as anyone else,' said the boy.
' But can you read? ' said the man.
' No, I don't know a single letter,' said the boy.
The man then took him into his service, and all the work he had to do was to dust his master's books. But as he did this he had plenty of time to read them as well, and he read away at them until at last he was just as wise as his master who was a great wizard and could perform all kinds of magic. Among other feats, he could change himself into the shape of any animal, or any other thing that he pleased.
When he had learned all this he did not think it worth while staying there any longer, so he ran away home to his parents again. Soon after this there was a market in the next village, and the boy told his mother that he had learned how to change himself into the shape of any animal he chose.
' Now,' said he, ' I shall change myself to a horse, and father can take me to market and sell me. I shall come home again all right.'
His mother was frightened at the idea, but the boy told her that she need not be alarmed; all would be well. So he changed himself to a horse, such a fine horse, too, that his father got a high price for it at the market; but after the bargain was made, and the money paid, the boy changed again to his own shape, when no one was looking, and went home.
The story spread all over the country about the fine horse that had been sold and then had disappeared, and at last the news came to the ears of the wizard.
' Aha!' said he, ' this is that boy of mine, who befooled me and ran away; but I shall have him yet.'
The next time that there was a market the boy again changed himself to a horse, and was taken thither by his
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