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There was once a rich merchant who had three sons, and when they were grown up the eldest said to him, w Father, I wish to travel and see the world. I pray you let me.'
So the father ordered a beautiful ship to be fitted up, and the young man sailed away in it. After some weeks the vessel cast anchor before a large town, and the mer­chant's son went on shore.
The first thing he saw was a large notice written on a board saying that if any man could find the king's daughter within eight days he should have her to wife, but that if he tried and failed his head must be the for­feit.
* Well,' thought the youth as he read this proclama­tion, ' that ought not to be a very difficult matter; ' and he asked an audience of the king, and told him that he wished to seek for the princess.
' Certainly,' replied the king. ' You have the whole palace to search in; but remember, if you fail it will cost you your head.'
So saying, he commanded the doors to be thrown open, and food and drink to be set before the young man, who, after he had eaten began to look for the princess. But though he visited every corner and chest and cup­board, she was not in any of them, and after eight days he gave it up and his head was cut off.
1 Silicianische MtLhrchen. L. Gonzeubach.
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