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ESBEN AND THE WITCH                   267
' Uh ! ' said she ; ' did n't I tell you not to put any salt in it, and it's just as salt as the sea.'
So the daughter had to go and make new porridge, and her mother warned her strictly not to put any salt in it. But now there was no water in the house, so she asked her mother to give her the lamp, so that she could go to the well for more.
'There you have it, then,' said the witch; 'but take good care of it.'
The daughter took the lamp which shone over seven kingdoms, and went out to the well for water, while
Esben slipped out after her. When she was going to draw the water from the well she set the lamp down on a stone beside her. Esben watched his chance, seized the lamp, and gave her a push from behind, so that she plumped head first into the well. Then he made off with the lamp. But the witch got out of her bed and ran after him, crying:
'Hey! is that you again, Esben?'
4Ye e s!'
' Was it you that took my dove ?'
< Ye e s!'
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