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KING LINDORM                            303
' Where are you driving to ?' asked the lindorm with a hideous voice.
' That does not concern you,' said the prince. ' I am the prince, and can drive where I please.'
' Turn back,' said the lindorm. ' I know your errand, but you shall get no bride until I have got a mate and slept by her side.'
The prince turned home again, and told the king and the queen what he had met at the cross-roads; but they thought that he should try again on the following day, and see whether he could not get past it, so that he might seek a bride in another kingdom.
The prince did so, but got no further than the first cross-roads; there lay the lindorm again, who stopped him in the same way as before.
The same thing happened on the third day when the prince tried to get past: the lindorm said, with a threaten­ing voice, that before the prince could get a bride he himself must find a mate.
When the king and queen heard this for the third time they could think of no better plan than to invite the lindorm to the palace, and they would find him a mate. They thought that a lindorm would be quite well satisfied with anyone that they might give him, and so they would get some slave-woman to many the monster. The lindorm came to the palace and received a bride of this kind, but in the morning she lay torn in pieces. So it happened every time that the king and queen com­pelled any woman to be his bride.
The report of this soon spread over all the country. Now it happened that there was a man who had married a second time, and his wife heard of the lindorm with great delight. Her husband had a daughter by his first wife who was more beautiful than all other maidens, and so gentle and good that she won the heart of all who knew her. His second wife, however, had also a grown­up daughter, who by herself would have been ugly and
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