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to see that she had the three nuts which she had found beside her mother's grave, mounted her horse, and rode out into the forest. "When she had ridden for some time the evil spirits came forth and said, ' Here comes Peter's horse and Peter's hound; but Peter himself is not with them.'
Then at a distance she heard a terrible voice demand­ing to know what she wanted.
' I have come to get Peter's contract,' said she.
At this there arose a terrible uproar among the evil spirits, and the worst voice among them all said, ' Hide home and tell Peter that when he comes to-morrow he shall get twice as many strokes as usual.'
The queen then took one of her nuts and cracked it, and turned her horse about. At this sparks of fire flew out of all the trees, and the evil spirits howled as if they were being scourged back to their abode.
Next day at the same time the queen again rode out into the forest; but on this occasion the spirits did not dare to come so near her. They would not, however, give up the contract, but threatened both her and the man. Then she cracked her second nut, and all the forest behind her seemed to be in fire and flames, and the evil spirits howled even worse than on the previous day; but the contract they would not give up.
The queen had only one nut left now. but even that she was ready to give up in order to deliver the man. This time she cracked the nut as soon as she came near the place where the spirits appeared, and what then happened to them she could not see, but amid wild screams and howls the contract was handed to her :it the end of a long branch. The queen rode happy home to the hut. and happier still was the man, who had been sitting-there in great anxiety, for now lie was freed from all the power of the evil spirit-.
Meanwhile King Lindorm had come home from the war, and the first question he asked when he entered the
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