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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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She was still standing in the same place when a baboon went by. ' What are you doing there, panther? '
i I am listening to my children singing. It is here that the jackal keeps his school.'
Then the baboon seized a stick, and poked it in the cleft of a rock, exclaiming, ' Well, then, I should like to see your children !'
The bees flew out in a huge swarm, and made furiously for the panther, whom they attacked on all sides, while the baboon soon climbed up out of the way, crying, as he perched himself on the branch of a tree, ' I wish you joy of your children ! ' while from afar the jackal's voice was heard exclaiming: ' Sting her well! don't let her go!'
The panther galloped away as if she was mad, and flung herself into the nearest lake, but every time she raised her head, the bees stung her afresh, so at last the poor beast was drowned altogether.
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