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and the woman drank it off at a single draught, and held it out for more.
But the neighbour pushed her away, saying, ' No, I shall have none left for my children.'
So the woman went into another house, and drank all the water she could find; but the more she drank the more thirsty she became. She wandered in this manner through the whole village till she had drunk every water-pot dry. Then she rushed off to the nearest
spring, and swallowed that, and when she had finished all the springs and wells about she drank up first the river and then a lake. But by this time she had drunk so much that she could not rise from the ground.
In the evening, when it was time for the animals to have their drink before going to bed, they found the lake quite dry, and they had to make up their minds to be thirsty till the water nWed again and the streams were full. Even then, for some time, the lake was very dirty,
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