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THE LITTLE HARE                    329
to the lion.' So they all entered into the Animal King­dom. Last of all came the monkey with her baby on her back. She approached the ditch, and took a blade of grass and tickled Big Lion's nose, and his nostrils moved in spite of his efforts to keep them still. Then the monkey cried, ' Come, my baby, climb on my back and let ns go. What sort of a dead body is it that can still feel when it is tickled? ' And she and her baby went away in a fright. Then the little hare said to the other
beasts, ' Now, shut the gate of the Animal Kingdom.' And it was shut, and great stones were rolled against it. When everything was tight closed the little hare turned to Bio- Lion and said ' Now!* and Bis Lion bounded out of the ditch and tore the other animals in pieces.
But Big Lion kept all the choice bits for himself, and only gave away the little scraps that he did not care about eating; and the little hare grew very angry, and deter­mined to have his revenge. He had long ago found out
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