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that Big Lion was very easily taken in ; so he laid his plans accordingly. He said to him, as if the idea had just come into his head, ' Grandfather, let us build a hut,' and Big Lion consented. And when they had driven the stakes into the ground, and had made the walls of the hut, the little hare told Big Lion to climb upon the top while he stayed inside. When he was ready he called out, ' Now, grandfather, begin,' and Big Lion passed his rod through the reeds with which the roofs are always covered in that country. The little hare took it and cried, ' Now it is my turn to pierce them,' and as he spoke he passed the rod back through the reeds and gave Big Lion's tail a sharp poke.
'What is pricking me so? ' asked Big Lion.
'Oh, just a little branch sticking out. I am going to break it,' answered the little hare; but of course he had done it on purpose, as he wanted to fix Big Lion's tail so firmly to the hut that he would not be able to move. In a little while he gave another prick, and Big Lion called again, ' What is pricking me so?'
This time the little hare said to himself, ' He will find out what I am at. I must try some other plan.' So he called out, ' Grandfather, you had better put your tongue here, so that the branches shall not touch you.' Big Lion did as he was bid, and the little hare tied it tightly to the stakes of the wall. Then he went outside and shouted, ' Grandfather, you can come down now,' and Big Lion tried, but he could not move an inch.
Then the little hare began quietly to eat Big Lion's dinner right before his e3Tes, and paying no attention at all to his growls of rage. When he had quite done he climbed up on the hut, and, blowing his flute, he chanted ' Pii, pii, fall rain and hail,' and directly the sky was full of clouds, the thunder roared, and huge hailstones whitened the roof of the hut. The little hare, who had taken refuge within, called out again, ' Big Lion, be quick and come down and dine with me.' But there was
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