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332                     THE LITTLE HARE
The little hyaena gazed at him in surprise, saying herself, ' What! was it really this tiny beast who put death all our best people ?' when suddenly a gust of wir rustled the reeds that surrounded the enclosure, and tl little hare, in a fright, hastily sprang back into Big Lion skin.
When the hyaenas returned to their homes the little hyaena said to her father: ' Father, our tribe has vei nearly been swept away, and all this has been the woi of a tiny creature dressed in the lion's skin.'
But her father answered, ' Oh, my dear child, yc don't know what you are talking about.'
She replied, ' Yes, father, it is quite true. I saw with my own eyes.'
The father did not know what to think, and told or of his friends, who said, ' To-morrow we had better kee wratch ourselves.'
And the next day they hid themselves and waited ti the little hare came out of the royal hut. He walke gaily towards the enclosure, threw off Big Lion's skir and sang and danced as before
I am just the little hare, the little hare, the little hare, I am just the little hare, who killed the great hyamas.
That night the two hyaenas told all the rest, sayins ' Do you know that we have allowed ourselves to b trampled on by a wretched creature with nothing of th lion about him but his skin ? '
When supper was being cooked that evening, befor they all went to bed, the little hare, looking fierce am terrible in Big Lion's skin, said as usual to one of th hyaenas, ' Go and get into the boiling water.' But th lryaena never stirred. There was silence for a moment then a hyaena took a stone, and flung it with all his fore against the lion's skin. The little hare jumped ou through the mouth with a single spring, and fled away lik lightning, all the hyaenas in full pursuit uttering grea
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