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you bring me the fairest in the whole world, I will have you hewn into a thousand pieces.' This mission seemed to Ciccu a hundred times worse than either of the others, and with tears in his eyes he took his way to the stables.
'Cheer up,' laughed the horse; 'tell the king you must have some bread and honey, and a purse of gold, and leave the rest to me.'
Ciccu did as he was bid, and they started at a gallop.
After they had ridden some way, they saw a swarm of bees lying on the ground, so hungry and weak that they were unable to fly. 'Get down, and give the poor things some honey,' said the horse, and Ciccu dismounted. By-and-bye they came to a stream, on the bank of which was a fish, flapping feebly about in its efforts to reach the water. ' Jump down, and throw the fish into the water ; he will be useful to us,' and Ciccu did so. Farther along the hillside they saw an eagle whose leg was caught in a snare. 'Go and free that eagle from the snare; he will be useful to us; ' and in a moment the eagle was soaring up into the sky.
At length they came to the castle where the fairesl in the world lived with her parents. Then said the horse, 'You must get down and sit upon that stone, for I musl enter the castle alone. Directly you see me come tearing by with the princess on my back, jump up behind, and hold her tight, so thai she does not escape you. If you fail to do this, we are both lost.' Ciccu seated himself on the stone, and the horse went on to the courtyard of the castle, where he began to trol round in a graceful and elegant manner. Soon a crowd collected first to watch him and then to pat him. and the king :iu<l queen and princess came with the rest. The eyes of the fairest in the world brightened us she looked, and she sprang on the horse's saddle, crying, 'Oh, I really must ride him a little!' But, tin1 horse made one bound forward, and the princess was forced to hold tight l»y his mane, lest she should fall off. And :is they dashed pasl
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