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in her iron mortar, urging it on with the pestle, sweeping away her traces with the broom. She dashed up to the fiery river, gave a glance, and said, ' A capital bridge !' She drove on to the bridge, but had only got half-way when the bridge broke in two, and the Baba Yaga went flop into the river. There truly did she meet with a cruel death!
Prince Ivan fattened up the colt in the green meadows, and it turned into a wondrous steed. Then he rode to where Marya
Morevna was. She came running out, and flung herself on his
neck, crying:
' By what means has God brought you back to life ? '
' Thus and thus,' says he. ' Now come along with me.'
' I am afraid, Prince Ivan! If Koshchei catches us you will
be cut in pieces again.'
' No, he won't catch us ! I have a splendid heroic steed now ;
it flies just like a bird.' So they got on its back and rode away.
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