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So she cried out, ' Oh ! dear brother, pray don't drink, or you'll be turned into a wild beast and tear ine to pieces.'
Brother was dreadfully thirsty, but he did not drink.
' Very well,' said he, ' I'll wait till we come to the next spring.'
When they came to the second brook, sister heard it repeating too :
' Who drinks of me will be a wolf! who drinks of me will be a wolf! '
And she cried, ' Oh ! brother, pray don't drink here either, or you'll be turned into a wolf and eat me up.'
Again brother did not drink, but he said:
' Well, I'll wait a little longer till we reach the next stream, but then, whatever you may say, I really must drink, for I can bear this thirst no longer.'
And when they got to the third brook, sister heard it say as it rushed past :
' Who drinks of me will be a roe ! who chinks of me will be a roe!'
And she begged, ' Ah ! brother, don't drink yet, or you'll be­come a roe and run away from me.'
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