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After this they took Rosette to the beautiful castle, and the pea≠cock was brought with her, and told to walk about on the terrace outside her windows, so that she might always see him, and then the ladies of the court came to see the Princess, and they brought her beautiful presentsódresses and ribbons and sweetmeats, dia≠monds and pearls and dolls and embroidered slippers, and she was so well brought up, and said, ' Thank you! ' so prettily, and was so gracious, that everyone went away delighted with her.
Meanwhile the King and the Prince were considering how they should find the King of the Peacocks, if there was such a person in the world. And first of all they had a portrait made of the Princess, which was so like her that you really would not have been surprised if it had spoken to you. Then they said to her :
' Since you will not marry anyone but the King of the Peacocks, we are going out together into the wide world to search for him. If we find him for you we shall be very glad. In the meantime, mind you take good care of our kingdom.'
Rosette thanked them for all the trouble they were taking on her account, and promised to take great care of the kingdom, and only to amuse herself by looking at the peacock, and making Frisk dance while they were away.
So they set out, and asked everyone they metó
' Do you know the King of the Peacocks ? '
But the answer was always, ' No, no.'
Then they went on and on, so far that no one has ever been farther, and at last they came to the Kingdom of the Cockchafers.
They had never before seen such a number of cockchafers, and the buzzing was so loud that the King was afraid he should be deafened by it. He asked the most distinguished-looking cock≠chafer they met if he knew where they could find the King of the Peacocks.
' Sire,' replied the cockchafer, ' his kingdom is thirty thousand leagues from this ; you have come the longest way.'
' And how do you know that ? ' said the King.
' Oh!' said the cockchafer, ' we all know you very well, since we spend two or three months in your garden every year.'
Thereupon the King and the Prince made great friends with him, and they all walked arm-in-arm and dined together, and afterwards the cockchafer showed them all the curiosities of his strange country, where the tiniest green leaf costs a gold piece and more. Then they set out again to finish their journey, and this time, as they knew
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