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After some time the same thing befell the second daughter, who was wooed and won by a prince from the West.
Now when the young Princess saw that everything fell out exactly as had been written in the book, she grew very sad. She refused to eat, and would not put on her fine clothes nor go out walking, and declared that she would rather die than become a laughing-stock to the world. But the King would not allow her to do anything so wrong, and he comforted her in all possible ways.
So the time passed, till lo and behold! one fine day an enor­mous pig from the North walked into the palace, and going straight
up to the King said, ' Hail! oh King. May your life be as pro­sperous and bright as sunrise on a clear day ! '
' I am glad to see you well, friend,' answered the King, ' but what wind has brought you hither ? '
' I come a-wooing,' replied the Pig.
Now the King was astonished to hear so fine a speech from a Pig, and at once it occurred to him that something strange was the matter. He would gladly have turned the Pig's thoughts in another direction, as he did not wish to give him the Princess for a wife ; but when he heard that the Court and the whole street were full of all
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