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and fought ; the Prince gave the he.nst three wounds. At last they wore both utterly exhausted, so they lay down to take a short rest. But the moment the Prince closed his eves, up jumped the 1m >ast and took to flight. The Prince's horse awoke him; up he jumped in a moment, and set off again in pursuit, caught up the beast, and again began fighting with it. Again the Prince gave the beast three wounds, and then he and the beast lay down again to l-est. Thereupon away fled the beast as before. The Prince caught it up. and again gave it three wounds. But all of a sudden, just as the Prince began chasing it for the fourth time, the beast fled to a great white stone, tilted it up, and escaped into the other world, crying out to the Prince : ' Then only will you overcome me, when you enter here.'
The Prince went home, told his father all that had happened, and asked him to have a leather rope plaited, long enough to reach to the other world. His father ordered this to be done. "When the rope was made, the Prince called for his brothers, and he and they, having taken servants with them, and everything that was needed for a whole year, set out for the place where the beast had disap≠peared under the stone. When they got there, they built a palace on the spot, and lived in it for some time. But when everything was ready, the youngest brother said to the others : ' Now, brothers, who is going to lift this stone '? '
Neither of them could so much as stir it, but as soon as he touched it, away it flew to a distance, though it was ever so bigó big as a hill. And when he had flung the stone aside, he spoke a second time to his brothers, saying :
' Who is going into the other world, to overcome the Norka ? '
Neither of them offered to do so. Then he laughed at them for being such cowards, and said :
' Well, brothers, farewell! Lower me into the other world, and don't go away from here, but as soon as the cord is jerked, pull it up.'
His brothers lowered him accordingly, and when he had reached the other world, underneath the earth, he went on his way. He walked and walked. Presently he espied a horse with rich trappings, and it said to him :
' Hail, Prince Ivan ! Long have I awaited thee ! '
He mounted the horse and rude onórode and rode, until he saw standing before him a palace made of copper. He entered the courtyard, tied up his horse, and went indoors. In one of the rooms
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