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a dinner was laid out. He sat down and dined, and then went into a bedroom. There he found a bed, on which lie lay down to rest. Presently there came in a lady, more beautiful than can be imagined anywhere but in a fairy tale, who said:
' Thou who art in my house, name thyself! If thou art an old man, thou shalt be my father ; if a middle-aged man, my brother; but if a young man, thou shalt be my husband dear. And if thou art a woman, and an old one, thou shalt be my grandmother; if
middle-aged, my mother; and if a girl, thou shalt be my own sister.'
Thereupon he came forth. And when she saw him she was delighted with him, and said :
' Wherefore, 0 Prince Ivan—my husband dear shalt thou be !— wherefore hast thou come hither ? '
Then he told her all that had happened, and she said :
' That beast which thou wishest to overcome is my brother. He is staying just now with my second sister, who lives not far from here in a silver palace. I bound up three of the wounds which thou didst give him.'
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